Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Who would believe it would get down to 26 in Florida? Ok, I'm in northern florida and it's not Palm tree lined streets but still it's the south and it's suppose to be warm! 

I wanted to share a few weather maps with you -

This one is the NOAA full loop mosaic map. You can click on any area but this Map is showing the central great lake area. You use in with your local weather report and it can hone in what is going to happen in your area within a few hours.

Want to check out wind- this ONE is pretty good.

Ok, the last one is Weather Spark


  1. Very cool! Not very cool that you're getting the cold down in FL-you're not supposed to be dealing with this-that's why you're there and not up here!

    I don't remember it being this cold in a long time. We had a day here and there but not so many in a row. I'm sick of winter and it's only just begun.

    I'm sure the heating oil companies are smiling..................ugh..............

  2. Yep, I think the maps are really nice, but I don't need the weather forecasters telling me it is cold.....all I have to do is step outside and when you can't stand out there for more than a minute, it is cold !!!! I am layered up and wishing for the warmup to begin soon.

    I agree, the heating oil companies are in their glory. I have gas heat, and have been keeping the temp on 67, but yesterday I did turn it up to 69, since it was bitter. I am keeping the doors shut to the porch and the kitchen. Going to be a warmup coming, so I am waiting for that.

    Linda, 26 is really cold for Florida. Mike said it was in the 50's down his way. He said he had to wear a sweatshirt all day, and I laughed and said I had on 3.

    Keep warm and I hope you feel better.

  3. Before too long Florida residents will want to move up this way to get warm or is that the North Pole where it is warmer than we are. Thank you for sending these Maps. I saved the links to them. I could come in close on an aerial view of our house. I will go out and jump up and down and wave to you all.If that were possible to do and the got the shot from space it would be a fun thing to do to each other. Yep I never seem to grow up..I still want to do fun things..Stay warm everyone and Good Morning to each of you.