Monday, January 6, 2014

MM 77 Weeks

You might of noticed I've been missing since after Christmas.

I came down with a horrible virus and Gabe unfortunately joined me a few days later in my misery. It's been difficult.

We both have horrific coughs. I would cough most of the night and Gabe has a wheeze.

 Max isn't a snuggle bug. He likes his crate and will get on the bed before we go to sleep to bug us but then off to his little condo. Not so when we were sick.

I spent most of the day in bed, when I did finally fall asleep I would feel breathing on my face. The first time I didn't know what was near me. One peek- Max.

He would lie next to my face. Guess he wanted to make sure I was still alive.

Gregory came over to take me to the doctor and this was the only MM photo I got this week.


  1. Boy oh boy, you and Gabe sure got hit with it. I hope you're both on the mend now....doggone germs all over the place. Puppies know when you're feelin' punky too-they need to be right there checkin' on you.

    What a great photo of Gregory and Max. Max looks so happy. Boy, the time Gregory is home screams by huh? Glad he was there to take you to the doctor Linda-and I bet he was glad he was home to keep an eye on you guys too.

    Hope you and Gabe are back to feeling 100% real soon-I know Max hopes for the same! :)


  2. This respiratory bug hangs around for weeks. I'm glad Gregory was able to get you to the doctor. This is a cute photo of Max and Gregory. I hope you and Gabe feel better soon.


  3. So glad to see you posted today. I was ready to get the sick police after you. I knew you were not well, when you didn't post or reply. Glad that Gregory was around to take you to the doctor. Men are so very stubborn when it comes to their health. I guess if Gabe finally went he must have been feeling pretty bad. Very nice picture of Max and Gregory. Handsome guys they are. Stay well please, I missed you.

  4. I am so sorry you both were so sick. I wondered what happened. MM knew something wasn't right. You have a very caring Son. Give both Gregory and MM our Love. Wonderful Picture Indeed. You take care now dear Friend.. Huggs