Monday, December 30, 2013

MM 75 Weeks

                                                     Such fun opening his gift!


  1. Hahahaha-oh boy it looks like he was one happy puppy opening what Santa brought. New toys are the best!

    Does he sit on the same end of the couch all the time? Our dogs had one spot they got up on and never wavered from it.

  2. Yes, he does look very happy opening that toy. My Chase opened his and within 5 minutes, he had the stuffing out of it and it was good as gone. I must learn NO STUFFING !!!!

    Linda I love your couch. So pretty. Max looks so contented and happy. I can see you allowed him on the couch this time. I keep sheets on mine, since Chase is on all parts all the time.

  3. I guess I am lucky or rather Lady Lucia is Lucky. She can get on anything that she can jump up on. She is little long haired Maltese and doesn't shed. I don't know what I would do with a large Furbaby like MM but Love the heck out of Him..MM you are a beautiful Big Boy and I wish I could give you a hug. I am happy you loved what Santa brought you..

    1. Carol- he really doesn't get on the couch that often. He has his "spots" but his favorite is in the entry way, that way if he hears anything outside he can go straight to the window and check it out.

      Myra- Thanks - we like the couch, it's easy to vacuum. It's also soft and I have blankets on it- why - I don't know! His hair goes everywhere so I wonder why I bother.

      You remember that Gabe pumped gas for a living and both Rex and Rip spend most of their time at the station. Max will never sit next to a real gas pump or get to snoop into people's cars. Rip was especially happy when someone came in with a kid and the kid had food all over the food. He was in 7th heaven! Brandi gave Gabe the little gas pump as a Christmas gift. It's a little light and Gabe really likes it. Very thoughtful gift.

      Dottie- I bet Santa was good to Lady Lucia also! Did she take all the stuffing out of her toy?

  4. No she doesn't take the stuffin out Linda. Her mouth likes to squeek the daylights out of the squeeker till its not squeekable any more. Then she brings it to me to fix it. I have a package of extra squeekers. I got at the craft store.