Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jake and Luna

Jake is our neighbor. I think he's about 8 years old. Loves cookies and guess who bakes for him. His favorite for the moment is peanut butter. I made a batch and froze them and when he comes over I give him two. He came over last night and informed us that he should get a "few" extra cookies because his family is camping for the month of august and won't see me and reminded me he will be back in September for more !

Luna is mix,and a real good dog. She loved Rip and would look for us and when she saw our trucks she would bolt up the road to play with him. She's just as spoiled as Jake, she gets plenty of dog treats when she visits.


  1. Jake is a real cutie, and so is Divingabe. Wish Luna would have turned around for the picture. Laughed at what Jake told you about the cookies...he knows the way to a woman's heart. Tell Jake that I hope they have a great time on their camping trip, and to make sure his cookie supply is full.

  2. How sweet! Little Jake is making sure that his cookie supply is taken care of before his big camping trip! This is a very sweet photo of Divingabe, Jake and Luna. ~Aurora