Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Additional State Park Photos

All taken in December 2011

 The last photo I don't know if you notice but the puddle is shaped like a heart. I was on my way back to the truck, tears filling my eyes and I saw it. It's my puddle of tears for Rip. The puddle was a sign that he loved me with all his heart.


  1. I didn' t see this, this is amazing. it is shaped like a heart. See that, Rip is showing up more and more places all the time. When I go out on my deck at night, I look up into the sky, and there are 2 stars that shine very brightly. I like to think it is Fred and he has Rip by his side...

  2. I know Fred is taking good care of him. Everyday when I walk I have butterflies accompanying me.