Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Treasured family heirlooms found in their kitchens

Carol recently did THIS post where she mentioned watching her nana make bread and is lucky to have the wooden board her grandmother used.

My old Proctor- Silex juicer is in the Florida kitchen. It was one of the first things packed to travel down with us. I bought it in the early 70's, when we were newlyweds. I use it every winter to squeeze oranges and grapefruit from local trees.

I had a bunch of old cookie cutters but gave most away. They were the type with the little knobs. Made many cookies with them.

The NC News Observer ran a story that Readers share stories about the treasured family heirlooms found in their kitchens .

I love that strawberry spoon ! 


  1. SOOOO many fun things to see on that post.....and so many I saw in my Mom's kitchen growing up. I love looking at and talking about Kitchen Treasures.

    The stand mixer looks a lot like the one she used for over 45 finally got tired and gave up. Her pastry cutter was just like the one in the photo only hers had a green handle. She used it until the tines broke. The Tin Mouli grater would hold a wedge of fresh Parmesan cheese every time we had homemade meatballs and spaghetti...Mmmmm. I have Nana's white enameled pans downstairs...Mom used those right up to the day she couldn't cook any more. My Nana's rolling pin was like the one pictured...Mom used that until one of the handles fell off so she threw it away. That thing was HEAVY! I remember those cookie cutters with the wooden handle too...wonder what happened to those. I know my Mom tossed out a lot of things when she moved from the house she was born in to a room for some of it. She did keep quite a bit though so I still have many of the "kitchen treasures" that bring back wonderful memories.

    That Hoosier Cabinet pictured is Godmother had one that was her mother's...her son took it to I loved that piece of "furniture" if you will. I'd love to have one in my kitchen...don't know where I'd put it but then.....

    Sorry about the crooked photo of the board....Bob said it's an "optical delusion" because the cookbooks aren't the same height....OKEY DOKEY....I think he was just trying to make me feel better because I took the photo, not him. :) That board has been around as long as I can remember. I watched my Nana make bread on it, my Mom make bread on it along with roll out pie crusts and sugar cookies...and now I do the same thing. I'd be LOST without it. To say it's a treasure to me is putting it mildly. It's something I cherish that holds so many wonderful memories.

    Thanks for such a fun post, Linda!

    1. LOL Carol.......Bob's "optical delusion" comment is making me laugh. I enjoyed seeing these different pictures also. So many memories they bring back. Someday I will have to get a picture of the bowl my mother in law used that was from her mother in law. This is not really a bowl, it is a wooden Mortar and Pestle. There is an interesting story behind the "Roses" we use it for. I will have to type it up one of these days. The bowl that was on that link for serving spaghetti, looks very similar to the one I had from my mother in was a bit flatter, but the same design. I gave the bowl to my nephew when he got married. They make a lot of pasta, and that is what we used it for. I like passing things down to the next generation. Thanks for the memories, it was nice to see them.

  2. Love the photos and Optical delusion? hahaha Oh that Bob. he is a character. I remember some of the things I saw.... Oh boy, did I just date myself? Mom had lots of heirloom stuff that disappeared over the years. Some lent and borrowed, never to be returned. I have a whole SLEW of cookie cutters and cookbooks and I have no more room and yet I still find new stuff that I want. I have one cousin's daughter who loves to cook and bake and she's going to get quite a bit of stuff when I can no longer use it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Linda, that was great!

    Morning ladies

  3. Thanks for sharing your treasures on Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday!