Sunday, March 8, 2015

Totally Unacceptable

This was the punishment that this six year old boy received.

His mother was late picking him up from school due to a problem with her car, which did not start.

The link to this article is Here

WHY would a school do this to a child? He had nothing to do with his mother's car!!!

This happens all the time, people blaming others for things they have no control of. Why is it easier to put the blame on the person who has done nothing? 

This is an unfortunate side effect of the zero-tolerance rules in schools today. The school officials just punish kids without checking their personal situation. This unfortunately catches some good kids and throws them in with the genuine trouble makers.

How could any principal think this wouldn't be destructive to this child? I could see doing this for high school students who are more in control of themselves, but an elementary school? This is basically BULLING, and that should have absolutely no tolerance in any situation. 

 Zero tolerance is a horrible rule and makes for lazy administrators and about avoiding lawsuits.

The community came together and donated a van to the family.

This article supposedly went viral in Facebook and was on ABC news. Since I am not on facebook and don't watch the news some of you may know about this already. 



  1. That photo crushes my heart. WHY should this 6 year old boy be PUBLICLY HUMILIATED in front of his classmates because his MOTHER gets him to school late? This is abuse on SO many levels. Kids can be so cruel to others without a reason....give them fuel like this and LOOK OUT.

    This little boy has NO control over his mother's car not starting nor her getting him to school on time because she has problems herself. Should she be getting up earlier and making more of an attempt to get him to school? Absolutely. Things can certainly be done at home the night before to make the next morning go a little smoother.

    But what that principal did to this boy, isolating him from his classmates because he was DROPPED OFF AT SCHOOL LATE? NO WAY! I'm glad this was brought to the forefront.

    This woman has NO BUSINESS being a principal if she thinks treating a first grader like this because of the actions of a parent is OK.........

    This makes me sick..............

    1. BTW-I hope she's proud of her actions-the principal I mean...her decision on punishment and action could have easily marked this child for the rest of his life..............shaking my head in disgust..........

    2. I had seen this on the news, and was following the story. I was OUTRAGED!!! I agree with Carol's entire comment. This little boy is 6 years old. Why would you do this to a 6 year old or any child. The mother is at fault, and if the principal thought she would get to the mother by doing this to the child, the principal should be fired.
      As parents, we are responsible for our children, and making sure that they do what is needed to be done.....I want to say more, but it wouldn't be very nice.

      I am also glad that the community got together and gave them a car. I just hope that the mother will do what she MUST do.

      Hopefully the child can put this aside and I really hope the kids do not taunt him.

    3. I was SO angry when I saw this. Like I said I don't watch the news and don't go over to facebook.

      Why are people so awful to one another?

  2. This is such a sad thing to do . I am glad this was posted and on the news. Such a shame full thing to do to such a little boy . It really wasn't the fault of His or His Mom's. It wasn't her fault the car gave her troubles. This makes me sick..

  3. That she put him at a table by himself was bad enough. But to be shamed is wrong. That woman probably has no children & is completely clueless. This young man wasn't at fault. They should come together to find a solution. I'd fire that woman. Zero tolerance from the parents & community toward her

    1. I feel the same way Cyndy. When our son was in school he was bullied. School did nothing and we took him out of the school and put him in a private one.

      I worked 3 jobs to keep him there but he wasn't bullied again