Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Crew

We have been home a week. I told the kids it would be awhile till I baked. I had a box of brownies and I figured I would make them and it was like radar, with in a hour they came over for a visit. Guess I sort of knew they would be on the way!
I was told that anything with chocolate is good and she needed the energy to pedal my old car back to her house. It's been sitting in the shed for years and needed a kid to enjoy it. My grandfather won the pedal car when I was very young. I just don't have the heart to sell it or give it away. Hope springs external that maybe one day I'll have someone to pass on to.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Linda I do believe you're right. Those kids have built in "goodie radar"......they could smell those brownies baking a mile away.

    And they have a little girl in the group now huh? Wonder if she keeps them all in line? She looks cute in that pedal car. Now THAT is when toys were toys. I bet the kids thought that was something special.

    Is the first photo Jake? I recognize the last young man from a photo you posted last year.

    I bet they were thrilled when the Cookie Lady came home for the summer............if you get the urge to bake-I have NO doubt they'll be there to taste test whatever you make----with pleasure. :)

  2. O YES, they do have a radar, and I agree Carol, the smell of baking brownies just traveled out the window and right to their noses. These kids are so lucky to have you close by to bake. I would be on the end of the line if I lived nearby.

    Gosh, that pedal car. My mother in law's neighbor had given the kids a pedal tractor to play with when they visited her many years ago. They loved playing with it, and now Monica has it. Yes Carol, those were toys, and those were the days. The toys today are so fake. I remember setting up a stage in the garage with my friends and making up stories and acting them out. We didn't need all the plastic stuff they call toys today.

    You know what Linda, you are going to enjoy those kids as much as they enjoy you. Somehow kids seem to make us young again, tho we are aching from the bones.

    Loved this post. You made my day.

  3. This is such a cute post. What handsome young boys. And yes the girl is a cutie. Yes indeed those little noses could smell the goodies. You know even the Barbie type toys they have for riding in didn't last the way the old toys we had as youngsters.I wonder what that old toy would be worth today?

  4. What cute kids and what a great memory you are creating with them. They will remember the Cookie Lady all their lives. Sweet post!

  5. Oh my gosh they are sooo adorable with the happy smiles on their faces! They could probably smell something good baking over at your house. Kids do indeed have radar when it comes to home baked goodies! How sweet of you to bake them brownies.