Thursday, September 11, 2014

Always there

The day I found the below photo on reddit, a story was  on the news about a young man who lost a bracelet when he was about 11 years old at a beach on Long Island. 

The bracelet was special- it had the name of his father who was a firefighter whose life was lost on 9/11.

The rest of the story is Here


  1. What a wonderful story about that bracelet-I'm so glad it came back to the family that lost it.

    And the second story.....I remember that song well. Yes indeed-his parents were with him on his wedding day.

    A very sad anniversary today-one I will never forget.

  2. OMG Linda, I am sitting here with goosebumps from head to toe. When I saw the butterfly, I just knew this was going to be a story for me. What amazing stories. The one about the bracelet is just what we needed for today. Today is a day we will always remember and we always MUST remember. Those people who lost their lives will never be forgotten.

    The story about the song is the one which got me teary. I told you the story about when I went to visit Fred's grave and the butterfly followed me and landed on the ground next to me and Chase. This was one of the most special signs I have gotten so far.

    Thanks for sharing, I am still waiting for the goosebumps to go away.

  3. Wow!!! Talk about a sign, that was a billboard! What are the chances of running into the man who wrote and sang the very song that was "the mom and son's song"! What a sweet and heartwarming story. It goes to show you that nothing is by chance. Thanks for sharing this uplifting story, Linda.


  4. This is exactly what we needed for today. We should never forget that this happened. I have goosebumps from the story too. Thanks for sharing this story.

    Carol from the San Diego area.

    1. Carol- I hope you get this note. Your comment it what I needed. I wonder at times why I bother to blog. I love to share and I'm not into the blogging thing to make money. IF people would notice I don't have ads!

      I get rude comments which I delete but are hurtful. I don't understand why.

      Your comment was the sun coming out from the dark sky. Thanks.

  5. Linda these were very amazing stories to read . I don't believe any of us will ever forget that day. God bless all of those that lost their lives . God continue to bless the families .

  6. Linda- I get your emails all the time and I love all your pictures and the dogs. Love the recipes and love when Carol from New England post her recipes. Carol and Cyndy were the ones who told me about you and how great you are. I have been getting your emails for many months now but have trouble signing in so I do the anonymous thing. Going to MI on Tues. and will get back Oct. 2. Will try to get my signing in fixed then. Keep up the great work. I don't understand why people have to make rude comments either. Looking forward to all your recipes and pictures.

    Carol from the San Diego area

  7. how wonderful to get that bracelet back after all those years!

    I love Jeffrey Osborne's voice, so mellow. I used to make my own tapes years ago and could sit and listen to him for hours.