Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gold Star Mother's

I remember seeing photos of  banners that were hung in windows of homes of families that had lost a loved one. It was small and had a gold star. Each star represented a loved one that died in the war.

The blue and gold star tradition began in WW 1  when white service flag bordered in red were displayed in homes, business, schools and churches to indicate, by the use of a blue star, each active service member in the US Military. A gold star would indicate those who gave their lives for the country.

Recently I started a book-A Star For Mrs. Blake. The book is about a group of gold star mothers who on the invitation of the US Government were offered a trip to France. 

I was amazed. The government actually having a heart? I had to look it up and see if this actually happened.

Here are a few links American Gold Star Mothers
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  1. I too remember seeing photos of the banners in windows with a gold star representing a service man or woman who died while serving.

    I had never heard about the pilgrimage those women made to Europe. How wonderful that the government saw fit to pay to take these women to the places where their loved ones were laid to rest. Yes indeed, they DID have a heart.

    Are you enjoying the book about it, Linda?

  2. I don't really remember anything about this, but thanks to Linda, I am learning about it now. This is so interesting to read, and it is wonderful that the government did something for the women who lost their sons and husbands. Thanks Linda for another lesson. You seem to have so many different things to teach.

  3. Thank you Linda for such a wonderful share. I have seen the Banners in windows but never knew until now how important they were . And still are.