Monday, March 3, 2014

MM 85 Weeks

He's thinking I'm here just in case he drops something plus this is a good spot to trip up Mom.

                                                      A monday smile for all of you!


  1. Love that Max. Always thinking how to get a free snack!!! He is so handsome. Love his smile, his teeth are so white. Do you brush them everyday?? Chase won't let me near him, so I give him dental snacks. His teeth look pretty good, no tarter. Thanks for the Max Mondays, love them.

  2. Well of COURSE he sits vigil right where you can fall over him. He sure doesn't wanna miss anything.

    Thanks for the great big Monday smile Max-he's just too cute! :)

  3. Love this picture! LOL He looks like he is just waiting patiently for a dropped oportunity! LOL And Red Suspenders? LOL
    Love his Smile on the next picture!

    1. What a big cuddly love he is! My dogs always park it right by the table too. Mac is so bad when I am cooking she gets between me and the counter for anything that might drop off....

  4. Awww just a little drop of food please. So cute..

  5. It looks like Max has been using Crest White Strips!! I agree with Myra, Max's teeth are so white! By the way, I love the area rug in your dining room... it's beautiful.