Monday, January 20, 2014

MM 79 Weeks

Max has had a excellent week, someone new to hang out with! 

Neil is one of Gabe's diving buddies spent the week with us. 


  1. That's so cute! He's being a good host and making the guest feel right at home. Although I have to say Max looks kinda bored-maybe he's just all tuckered out from hosting company? :) He's gonna miss those extra daily pats when Neil heads out.

  2. Max is such the cute (and sleepy) little fella! Sweet photo. :)

  3. Awww, how cute. Max is dozing next to his new bud. I bet he is dreaming that Neil come back soon.

  4. He looks all worn out
    1 Just can't keep up with the big guys huh? LOL

  5. Max is such a handsome dog. My two girls would love to play with him. wish we lived closer

    1. Yep I think your guest bored Max to sleep..Some people just won't put those computers down to play with our furbabies. LOL.. Come play with Lucia Max. She will keep you entertained.