Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cedar Key Florida- Honeymoon Shack

I wasn't sure what the shack was used for. I googled shack in Cedar Key and saw the key word honeymoon shack and wanted to know more about it.

From these , I noticed in the first photo it was a cottage in the water, then became fishing shack.

I took this photo last year in the Cedar Key Library. The door was open to a meeting room and I noticed the shack and wanted  a photo of what it use to look like.
We spent a few days in Cedar Key last winter. This is one of the photos I took of the shack

We went back January 7 , 2013 and this is what it looks like now.

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  1. It looks so fragile even when it was used. I can't imagine anyone staying in there. Would have loved to see the inside of it. How sad that it has gotten to be so ravaged. Very interesting, love seeing history like this.