Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Path

The path is one of my favorites walks. Both of our dogs loved walking through the woods and this is also a short cut to get to the main road and the water. Gregory walked the path many, many morning to catch the school bus until he road his bike and parked it at a friends house.
The first picture is laurel. It's abundant in our area and every spring it's a different color. Sometimes it's pure white and other times it has pink mixed in. No matter what it's always beautiful.
I loved walking the path the winter when the snow first falls or when we had rain and it freezes the laurel leaves with a thin layer of ice. There are quite a few White Birch and the trees are very old. I hope that one day when the property is sold that they appreciate the beauty of the trees and the area.


  1. VERY pretty photos! I've always loved Mountain Laurel, and Birch trees are also a favorite of mine. The path looks like a very beautiful place to take a walk. The woods make for a nice neighbor.

  2. never did get on to see this yesterday......beautiful !! Chase would LOVE walking through that path. The trees are so pretty and you sure do take wonderful pictures.